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Here you can find out all you need to know about our TrueSeal website seal products.

We believe that you should be able to trust the website you are visiting is the website you wanted to visit. There are so many phishing sites out there that look exactly the same as the real website but are not. You can easily be fooled in to visiting the fraudulent website by clicking a link that you think is taking you to paypal.com but actually takes you to paypol.com and without careful examination of the URL you may not notice that you are on a fraudulent site before you have handed over your private data, such as your real website login and password. This can happen to any website on the internet and there is no easy way to prevent it. Everything can be forged. That is why we make it as difficult for the bad guys as possible and give you the tools to help prevent you becoming a victim.

TrueSeal is a CritchCorp Computers Ltd product and all TrueSeal website seals are manually verified and vetted by CritchCorp staff to ensure they meet our high standards. So you can be sure that the site you visit is the site you thought it was and that they have been verified to be as accurate as possible in their information. This means that you can trust the website.

The level of verification depends on what level the company selects to be verified to. See the product pages for more information.

To aide security, we also keep a copy of the current register of sites that we have accredited, to what level and their SSL certificate serial numbers, which cannot be forged, so you can check to make sure that you are actually on the site you think you are on and they still hold the level they are displaying. This means you can be sure you are safely on the correct site.

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