Here is a list of the True Seal products with some more detail.

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Verified Site (Level 1) – A verified site is a site that has been verified by staff. They have given us ID to prove who they are and we have ensure that there details are correct. This is the basic information and is the information displayed in the pop up window when you click on the seal. All seals will have this information checked.

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Secured Connection (Level 2) – A secured connection is a site that we have verified the same as Level 1 but also has an SSL (TLS) certificate that is in date and from a trusted provider, this means that when you communicate with this website you can be sure that the connection between you and them cannot be “sniffed” or intercepted, so an attacker cannot get your personal details such as your username, password, credit card details, etc.

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Business Identity (Level 3) – A Business Identity checked website means that we have delved deeper in to the company and checked that all their contact information is correct and up-to-date, both with us and their website and some checks on their social media and other sites, if available.

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Business Assured (Level 4) -A Business Assured website has had all the previous checks and further checks to make sure they meet our high standards. This is a difficult one to achieve, apart from the fact that it is expensive as it requires a lot of staff hours to complete the vetting it also requires a lot from the business to prove that they are up to our standards and a great degree of openness. We only approve these if they fully meet all of our checks and you can rest assured that they are a business that we trust.

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Other Seals

We also have some other TrueSeals that you may see around:

Authorised Reseller (Level 3A) – This level is subject to the same checks as a Level 3 and is given to our Authorised Resellers once they pass the criteria. Authorised resellers are those who apply to become authorised to sell our products through their own e-stores and websites. Authorised Resellers benefit from our advertising efforts and lead generation and well as being able to get preferential pricing on our products to resell.

We maintain a database of websites/businesses that are verified along with their SSL certificate serial numbers so that you can be sure that you are accessing the correct site and not a forged site pretending to be the real one. To verify the site, please use the Site Verification page.

Please Note: All checks for websites and businesses are carried out manually; so we investigate and check to make sure they are who they say they are, but we cannot be held responsible if they change any details after verification and do not inform us.  We re-verify each year so information should be no more than a few months out of date. It is a requirement that they maintain their details with us, so if you discover that something is wrong, please inform us so we can investigate and then suspend their seals.